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Settling for the Best Spray Foam Kit

Fiberglass insulation has a capability of holding up to only two-thirds of air involved in heating and cooling from getting out of your home. Spray foam on the other side allows zero air to either get in or get out of your home. Another significant advantage of using insulation foams over fiberglass is the fact that they are three times longer lasting than fiberglass. To always preserve the home energy there is need to purchase spray foam. Spray foam products are a lot in the modern world. The best thing to do for serious projects is to ensure that you are working with a brand you can trust. The following is a discussion offering more information on the best spray foam kit the market can provide.

A tiger spray foam kit is the best for people who are looking for something that is not all that expensive and still competitive when it comes to making a home energy efficient. This is a good option basing fact that it needs no additional equipment when it comes to completing the task at hand. Its rating value is among the best so far with each of its inches having an R-value of seven. Six hundred board feet can be seen through with this product. The product will come with a well-illustrated instruction manual, fans, an applicator, etc.

There is a reason there are so many companies today, but The Dow Chemical Co is one of the most famous companies when it comes to spray foam production. The Froth-Pak 650 is the spray foam product The Dow Company Co is known for producing which has done so well over the years. Concerning fire rating this product is considered an A-Class. 650 board feet is the average coverage of the spray foam product. It is known to be very fast concerning cure and therefore leading to a rating of 6.5.

Foam It Green is one of the best spray foam product if mixing is the question in your choice making. With this spray foam you will notice that there are two different colored foams inclusive of the blue and the yellow foams. The foam is bound to turn green as soon as it mixes well. As the name suggests. it has six hundred and two feet coverage, and thus the name Foam It Green 602. Besides the fact that it is a fire retardant it is also microbial and rated 7 in relation to the R-value. A number of accessories are packed with the kit inclusive of nozzles; foot hose etc.

Other than the mentioned there are two choices left; these include the touch ‘N Seal 1000 or the touch ‘N foam 600. The two products mentioned above slightly differ in features as the first is a fire retardant rated Class 1 known to cover approximately one thousand square feet as its name suggests.; the second one, on the other hand, has a coverage of 600 board feet and is rated A class.